Spooky Singapore !

We are delighted and – very excited – by the addition of a paranormal, spiritual and personal element to some of our heritage walks with the help of our amazing psychic, Dani Van de Velde. Appropriately we launched these at Halloween 2020. 

In choosing places to hold these tour experiences, we take into account the heritage value of the sites and festivals, as well as the extent of “other worldly” activity and deeper spiritual meaning. So far, we have run them in Dempsey Hill, Alexandra Park, Kampong Glam and Bukit Brown, and we now have a new Fort Canning experience lined up too.

The format varies depending on the location, theme or festival, but broadly, we explore the history of the area during the first half. This is then followed by an introductory talk on a relevant topic by Dani – for example, if we hold the tour around the time of a festival, she will explain its origins and customs and how these are evident in other global traditions, highlighting the collective nature of spiritual enquiry and expression. This is often followed by a guided experience like paranormal contact with the “other side” or a meditative ritual — always in a respectful and safe way. This part of the evening is usually accompanied by a glass or two of wine or a soft drink with some light snacks.

And we try wherever possible to schedule these tours around a Full Moon which adds an appealing layer of ambience and energy to the proceedings!

Spooky Fort Canning tunnel
The Ghosts of Forbidden Hill Fort Canning

Come with us to discover spooky Singapore Fort Canning. The multi-layered history, mysteries and legends of this green oasis, known to the Malays as Bukit Larangan, or Forbidden Hill. It’s one of Singapore’s greatest treasures.

*This tour is currently available on request as a private group walk

Black & White House Alexandra Park tour
Alexandra Park Trail & Paranormal Activity

Explore the history of mediumship with a heritage walking tour around Alexandra Park, a beautiful green hilly enclave which was formerly a pepper plantation before becoming a British military barracks in the early 20th century.

*This tour is currently available on request as a private group walk

Bukit Brown Cemetery walking tour
Sunset at Bukit Brown Cemetery

Take a sunset stroll with our heritage guide and Dani, our guest guide on spiritual life and magic, through the fascinating Bukit Brown Cemetery area, an old Chinese cemetery lying in a forgotten nook in the heart of Singapore. One of the last resting places of so many pioneers who came here to fulfil their dreams.

*This tour is currently available on request as a private group walk

Event Singapore Halloween Dempsey Horse
Halloween on the Hill at Dempsey

Interested in history and the paranormal? Drawn to things other-worldly, mysterious, and well, weird?

Then join Jane and her clairvoyant friend Dani, for a truly unforgettable experience this “All Hallows” evening and All Souls Day at Dempsey Hill.

*This tour is currently available on request as a private group walk

Spooky Kampong Glam Glass jars
Ancient Pagan Customs & Symbols at Christmastime - Kampong Glam

Join us at Kampong Glam for a unique exploration of the deeper meaning of our Christmas customs. This walking tour will first take us through key sites and the history of Kampong Glam to steep us in the feel and spirit of the Middle East.

*This tour is currently available on request as a private group walk