Spooky Singapore:
Alexandra Park Trail
& Paranormal Activity

Alexandra Park Trail & Paranormal Activity

Explore the history of mediumship with a heritage walking tour around Alexandra Park, a beautiful green hilly enclave which was formerly a pepper plantation before becoming a British military barracks in the early 20th century.

The colonial homes at Alexandra Park bear testimony to the officers who used to live there, and the whole area is awash with history, as well as being a hot spot for paranormal activity. After exploring this history by walking through some of the Park, we will have a brief break for wine and nibbles before delving into the history of mediumship from Pythagorus, to Dynastic China, to the resurgence of the art post WWII through the US occult scene.

The final part of this experience will be forming a connection with those who have passed into the next world, as we experiment with divining rods, pendulums, and an electromagnetic field detector.

We stop at a house where the table with wine & refreshments can be set up under the porch prior to the walk. It’s a perfect spot for paranormal activities, isolated with no passage and nicely dark. The house is unlocked so if people are up to it, we can look inside (no electricity though).

After the tour, it’s a short walk back to Winchester Tennis Arena to our vehicles.

Itinerary of Jane's Singapore Tours

The route being walked during the tour is :

  • Russels Road – Canterbury Rd – York Rd – Cornwall Rd – Berkshire Rd – Canterbury Rd – Winchester Rd
Map Location of Jane's Singapore Tours

Meet your guide at Winchester Tennis Arena

12A Winchester Road, 117786

off road parking available

Customer Reviews

Our customers say...

Jessica H. - TripAdvisor
Spectacularly Spooky

Joined Jane’s special Halloween tour. Was really great evening.

Enjoyed the history, lore and the special “guests” at the end!

Melvin, TripAdvisor
Fantastic to spend time with

If you are going to Singapore and really want to see the country and understand the history, you need to contact Jane. We are pretty certain if there is anything Jane does not know then it is probably not worth knowing. And she takes you to places not in any guide book, she just seems to know everywhere. Fantastic to spend time with.

Sue D, TripAdvisor
Not Your Average Tour...

I have lived in Singapore for over 20 years and am well read about its history, but still find Jane’s Tour Guides provide me with insights and information of which I wasn’t previously aware. The research that is behind many of the activities is clearly immense and I particularly love hearing stories about the people who lived in the places we are seeing.

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