Sunset at Bukit Brown:
The Unseen World
of Spirits & Demons

Sunset at Bukit Brown Cemetery

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Take a sunset stroll with our heritage guide and Dani, our guest guide on spiritual life and magic, through the fascinating Bukit Brown Cemetery area, an old Chinese cemetery lying in a forgotten nook in the heart of Singapore. One of the last resting places of so many pioneers who came here to fulfil their dreams.

Savour the peaceful ambience and lovely scenery evocative of our local history and heritage. Under the spreading shade of ancient trees discover the fascinating stories and legends behind these tombs resting in the tangled undergrowth.

The Chinese consider long life a blessing, but they are equally preoccupied with death. Since ancient times, burial grounds have been selected with great care as the well-being of the dead affects the fortunes of their descendants.

Chinese believe that all life emanates from the mountains and therefore it is not surprising that in the past most of the hillocks in Singapore were littered with “horse shoe” shaped tombs. Alas, many have had to give way to urban redevelopment.

With the upcoming Qing Ming Festival in mind, learn about traditional Chinese customs relating to death rituals, funerals, burials and ancestor worship.

At dusk, ‘the gloaming’ , Dani will take you into the world of spirits and the significance of cemeteries in magical arts. We will explore the perspectives that cemeteries are not only resting places of the dead, but vibrant energy zones that are typically used for spell-casting for money, love and abundance. We will cover the magical rules of engagement, well known superstitions and what to do and what not to do, the tradition of cemetery guardians and which type of cemeteries best support magical workings.

This promises to be both spooky, informative and perspective shifting as we bring life and laughter into a place which exists in every community and city on the planet and which is often perceived to be dark and gloomy. What you will find is quite the opposite!

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Meet at the main gates, Bukit Brown Cemetery
36C Lor Halwa, Singapore 298637

Small group discovery walk
Sunday 28 March 2021
530pm for a 545pm start
*This tour is Sold Out*
SGD $100 per person
SOLD OUT: Please contact us to register for future events
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Our customers say...

Jessica H. - TripAdvisor
Spectacularly Spooky

Joined Jane’s special Halloween tour. Was really great evening.

Enjoyed the history, lore and the special “guests” at the end!

Melvin - TripAdvisor
Fantastic to spend time with

If you are going to Singapore and really want to see the country and understand the history, you need to contact Jane. We are pretty certain if there is anything Jane does not know then it is probably not worth knowing. And she takes you to places not in any guide book, she just seems to know everywhere. Fantastic to spend time with.

Sue D. - TripAdvisor
Not Your Average Tour...

I have lived in Singapore for over 20 years and am well read about its history, but still find Jane’s Tour Guides provide me with insights and information of which I wasn’t previously aware. The research that is behind many of the activities is clearly immense and I particularly love hearing stories about the people who lived in the places we are seeing.

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