Private Any-Time Tours
& Phase 3 Advisory

It’s a great time to explore Singapore’s history, heritage, and culture with a Singapore private tour. Discover all the off-the-beaten path secrets of your island home.

During Phase 3, we have 18 Singapore private tours available any time. These include special versions of our award-winning Black & White Houses tour, where you’ll stroll through historic neighbourhood enclaves, and our acclaimed Jewish Heritage tour.

We’re also bringing you on private tour walks around Joo Chiat, Emerald Hill, and Tiong Bahru; plus nature treks and bird watching in Sungei Buloh and other green places; and our very popular architecture tours.

Please take a look at the exciting list of tours below.
You can register online or let us know where you want to go!
What you need to know:

*Please note that from 13 June the temporary government advisory permits sub-groups of up to 5 guests who need to remain socially distanced from others in the same tour group. *

  • We are unable to book private tour groups in our usual way, so please create your own group of 2- 6 friends or family members.
  • Many tours can now be for 12 people, in 2 groups of 6.
  • By request, groups may also be up to 16 people, split into sub-groups of 8.
  • Tours are priced at a flat rates of $300 or $400 for 1-6 guests depending on the duration (and $50 or $60 extra per person over 6, to a maximum of 12 people).
  • All tours, regardless of location, will be walking tours, so you will need to provide your own transport to/from the starting point we—always aim for a start point near public transport when possible.

For everyone’s health and safety, we are bound by a few Singapore Tourism Board rules:

  • Tours will be 2 or 3 hours long.
  • Each group of 8 or more guests will be in socially distanced sub-groups
  • All participants must wear a mask.
  • All participants must submit to temperature screening.
Architecture & Artistry Walking Tour Singapore
Architecture & Artistry

Singapore is well known for its eclectic mix of cultures, a fusion leaving a lasting imprint on its architecture and creative arts scene.

Colonial-era architects such as Irishman George Coleman, who designed much of the infrastructure of Singapore as well as the Armenian Church, and the British R. A. J. Bidwell, known as the father of the black & white house, left behind a rich legacy.

Singapore Black & White Houses Walk
Black & White Houses: Neighbourhood Strolls

Singapore’s colonial history spans nearly 150 years. Beginning in January 1819 with the arrival of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles and William Farquhar to set up a trading post on behalf of the British East India Company, and culminating in the events of September 1963 when Singapore joined Malaysia.

The vestiges of this era can be seen in much of our architecture, including colonial bungalows known as black & white houses.

Fort Canning Walking Tour
Fort Canning Revealed

Lush and green, Fort Canning is one of Singapore’s most historic places. Reflecting over 700 years of history, from the heyday of the Malay kings of Temasek until the British arrival in 1819, the hill was a seat of power. Now it’s an urban park—a veritable green island in the heart of the city. Come along on a treasure hunt and discover Fort Canning’s many layers of history!

Joo Chiat Walk Shophouses
Joo Chiat & The Peranakans

Nothing beats getting up close and personal with sights and flavours of Joo Chiat, one of Singapore’s most eclectic and interesting neighbourhoods. Come along to discover some of many treasures and capture the colourful and magical charm of this area.

Naturally Nature Walk Singapore
Naturally Singapore

Dubbed “City in a Garden,” Singaporeans are naturally proud of the island’s greenery, which benefits from our location just above the equator. Singapore’s tropical climate is ideal for trees, plants, and flowers to flourish.

We have an abundance of flora and fauna all over our island in four nature reserves and more than 300 parks that sprawl across Singapore. They are enhanced by an island-wide Park Connector network linking major parks, nature areas and residential estates for walkers, joggers, and bicyclists.

Orchard Road & Emerald Hill Shophouses
Orchard Road Stories: Emerald Hill & Other Hidden Gems

The name “Orchard Road” conjures up visions of gleaming shopping, office and apartment towers, filled with glitzy shops, glamorous hotels and high-end restaurants run by celebrity chefs. But dig a little deeper and you’ll find that there’s a rich history lurking around today’s Orchard Road.

Saris Sultans Shophouses Sultan Mosque Kampong Glam
Saris, Sultans & Shophouses: Kampong Glam, Chinatown & Little India

Dynamic Little India, Kampong Glam and Chinatown are Singapore’s original trio of ethnic neighbourhoods with enduring traditions showcasing a vibrant past, but also thriving on reinvention.

We passionately believe a walking tour through these ethnic enclaves is essential in the discovery of the island’s history, culture, art and architecture.

Jewish Tour Oxley Rise Rabbi
Synagogues & Singapore Pioneers: Jewish Heritage

Join us on a wonderful journey to discover the fascinating story and rich heritage of Singapore’s Jewish community. Our tour brings you through some iconic Jewish buildings including at least one of our two synagogues and sites with Jewish connections.

WWII Japanese surrender sign at City Hall
Wartime Singapore

We offer anytime private Wartime Singapore tours, available by clicking the links below.

Learn about the Japanese invasion in 1942, and the events leading up to the unexpected capitulation of “Fortress Singapore, Gibraltar of the East” changed the course of Singapore’s history. Things would literally never be the same again.