Black & White Houses:
Neighbourhood Strolls

Singapore’s colonial history spans nearly 150 years. Beginning in January 1819 with the arrival of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles and William Farquhar to set up a trading post on behalf of the British East India Company, and culminating in the events of September 1963 when Singapore joined Malaysia.

The vestiges of this era can be seen in much of our architecture, including colonial bungalows and mansions, known as black & white houses.

Step back into a more gracious era as we stroll through these lovely neighbourhoods set in green and tranquil oases. Learn about their history, architecture, and role in Singapore’s heritage. Plus, discover the stories of who lived in them, why they were built, and how they are being used today both as residences and commercial establishments.

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Black & White House Bungalow
A Neighbourhood Stroll: Adam Park Estate

Step back into a simpler, more gracious time when you visit the quiet Adam Park estate where with it’s charming colonial bungalows that were built for the British civil service and members of the military.

Black & White House Garden Goodwood
A Neighbourhood Stroll: Goodwood Hill Estate

Goodwood Hill’s serenity belies its location just steps from busy Scotts Road. Hidden amidst the lush greenery are some of the first and finest black & white houses built initially by the colonial government for the judiciary.

Black & White House Courtyard Alexandra Park
A Neighbourhood Stroll: Alexandra Park Estate

As you stroll through quiet Alexandra Park, imagine a simpler time. The impressive houses in this estate were built for British officers from Alexandra and Gillman Barracks, as well as medical personnel employed in the nearby Alexandra Military Hospital.