Architecture & Artistry

Singapore is well known for its eclectic mix of cultures, a fusion leaving a lasting imprint on its architecture and creative arts scene.

Colonial-era architects such as Irishman George Coleman, who designed much of the infrastructure of Singapore as well as the Armenian Church, and the British R. A. J. Bidwell, known as the father of the black & white house, left behind a rich legacy.

Dotted all around our little island, we also have examples of beautifully restored shophouses that mix Asian influences, including Peranakan, Chinese, Malay and Indian, with European styling.

Plus, Singapore is loaded with modern architecture, with world class examples from Norman Foster’s new South Beach complex to IM Pei’s The Gateway and Raffles City.

Beyond buildings, in recent years Singapore burgeoned into a hub for the creative arts with flourishing theatre companies, film festivals, international art exhibitions, design fairs, and even educational establishments promoting the arts as a career.

We’ve seen a proliferation of visual arts with everything from vibrant street art to our prestigious National Gallery curating world-class exhibitions. Singaporean designers are also making their mark on the international stage.

In short, Singapore offers an appealing mélange of architecture and artistry, and we look forward to showing you around.

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Tiong Bahru Walking Tour
Tiong Bahru Art Deco Treasures Walking Tour

Touted as one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods by Vogue, called “Singapore’s hippest hood” by CNN, and known by locals as one of the most happening areas on the island, everyone loves Tiong Bahru’s old-world charm.

Architecture Walk Victoria Hall
Classic to Ultra-modern: The Development of Architecture Walk

Singapore is a feast of architectural styles and heritage, from classic European influences to ultra-modern designs inspired by great minds in Asia and the Middle East.

Stroll along the downtown area and learn about one of the most eclectic skylines in the world.

Kampong Glam Wall Art
Art & Architecture Walk in Kampong Glam

Beyond its rich heritage, Kampong Glam also teems with artistic and design treasures — from artists to street murals that draw on local stories and culture for inspiration.