Wartime Singapore

These tours are run twice a year in the lead up to Anzac Day in April and Remembrance Day in November. We also offer private tours, available by clicking the link on the right.

The Japanese invasion in 1942, and the events leading up to the unexpected capitulation of “Fortress Singapore, Gibraltar of the East” changed the course of Singapore’s history. Things would literally never be the same again.

Wartime Singapore Invasion
Invasion of Singapore Tour

To learn more about how and why the Japanese invaded Singapore during WWII, visit the Kranji War Memorial, the landing beaches, and battlefield sites on Singapore’s north coast. The tour also includes a visit to an amazing little treasure of a museum in Pasir Panjang that commemorates the heroic last stand by the Malay Regiment in the last battle for Singapore.

Wartime Singapore Occupation
Occupation of Singapore Tour

The impact of the Japanese occupation of Singapore on the local population, especially the Chinese, was brutal.  It was also devastating for the previously “invincible” Western population,  the majority of whom were imprisoned. We will visit the Changi Chapel and Museum, and also a Sook Ching massacre site on Changi beach.