Tombs, Ramparts & Reservoirs:
Fort Canning Revealed

Tombs, Ramparts & Reservoirs: Fort Canning Revealed

Jane’s popular Fort Canning tour tour has 2 options to choose from:

  • 3 hour morning stroll, ending in time for lunch
  • 2 hour evening walk, ending at a venue suitable for pre-dinner drinks

Included is your knowledgable personal guide and small audio listening sets for social distancing.

Lush and green, Fort Canning is one of Singapore’s most historic places. Reflecting over 700 years of history, from the heyday of the Malay kings of Temasek until the British arrival in 1819, the hill was a seat of power. Now it’s an urban park—a veritable green island in the heart of the city. Jane’s Fort Canning tour is a veritable treasure hunt that peels back Fort Canning’s many layers of history!

Starting at the foot of Fort Canning Hill, you will discover some of Singapore’s oldest landmarks—the Armenian Church, Central Fire Station, and Masonic Lodge. On Jane’s Fort Canning tour you’ll walk through the European burial grounds listening to stories about Singapore’s notable 19th-century personalities. Next, we stroll through the lush oasis of Fort Canning’s gardens and the shrine of the Malay kings where your guide shares stories of ancient springs and bathing princesses.

We finish at the Battle Box, an underground bunker, learning about the dramatic events in the days leading up to the 1942 Japanese invasion of the island.

To complement our tour, we suggest arranging your own Battle Box visit, that will include a short film and more WWII history.

Available at weekends, you can book a time slot/ticket at

Itinerary of Jane's Singapore Tours
  • Join your guide 15 mins before the tour starts
  • Meet at Armenian Church (outside only)
  • Farquhar Garden, Spice Garden & Artisan’s Garden
  • Keramat & Sang Nila Utama Garden
  • Raffles Garden: The Lighthouse, Raffles House
  • Fort Gate & Former Old Fort
  • History of WWII


  • Mornings end at the Battle Box, Fort Canning
  • Evenings end at the Fort Canning Hotel for a drink
Map Location of Jane's Singapore Tours

Meet your guide at the main gate, Armenian Apostolic Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator,  60 Hill St, Singapore 179366

Customer Reviews

Our customers say...

Melvin, TripAdvisor
Fantastic to spend time with

If you are going to Singapore and really want to see the country and understand the history, you need to contact Jane. We are pretty certain if there is anything Jane does not know then it is probably not worth knowing. And she takes you to places not in any guide book, she just seems to know everywhere. Fantastic to spend time with.

Sue D, TripAdvisor
Not Your Average Tour...

I have lived in Singapore for over 20 years and am well read about its history, but still find Jane’s Tour Guides provide me with insights and information of which I wasn’t previously aware. The research that is behind many of the activities is clearly immense and I particularly love hearing stories about the people who lived in the places we are seeing.

Ken J, TripAdvisor
Very informative and enjoyable small group tours

I am very impressed with these tours and I have done 6 so far. When I book a stay in Singapore, I check Jane’s calendar for my next experience. The groups are small, the guides are well informed and the itineraries are well thought out. I have discovered an interest in places that I have previously walked past . I look forward to learning more about the varied parts of Singapore.

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Photo Credit to Heidi Sarna


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