Foodie Tours with a Twist

An interest in Makan (food in Malay) is almost compulsory in Singapore. Indeed eating has been dubbed one of our country’s main pastimes! So little wonder that we have such an amazing, almost endless, menu of choices when it comes to cuisine. From our humble hawker stalls — though some are Michelin starred these days — to fine dining on par with the best in the world, Singapore is really the adventurous foodie’s dream.

Singapore Food Tours Garden
Spicy Singapore

Come find out not only what and where to eat, but also the cultural influences that have helped cook up the distinctive rojak (look it up!) that characterises Singapore’s cuisine. Like its people, the food in Singapore represents a surprising stew of ingredients and influences.

Add some spice to your Singapore life by joining this fun and enlightening tour that delves into the historical, trade, medicinal and, most importantly, culinary properties of the multitude of spices available here.