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The Making of Saint Jack, a tour of the film's locations - 28 Sept

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The Making of Saint Jack, a tour of the film's locations - 28 Sept
Price: S$40 / ticket

Join Ben Slater (author of Kinda Hot: the Making of Saint Jack in Singapore) and Jane Iyer (of Jane's award winning company, Jane's SG Tours) on a fun tour of some of the locations featured in this iconic movie, as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of its release.

We will start - and finish - at the Oldham Theatre at the National Archives and our route will include the Bukit Timah area where Paul Theroux - the author of the book Saint Jack on which the film is based - lived, worked, and found inspiration, the Amoy Street office where he worked (part time!), the site of Jack's "nightclub", the riverside bridge featured in the last scene, and perhaps most interesting of all, the hotel which was both used in the film as the R&R location but also where Bogdanovich and the crew stayed, and partied. We'll discover how the locations were chosen and the huge influence they had on the way the film was made.

We will show relevant clips from the film in these locations. And each participant will receive a signed copy of Ben's book, Kinda Hot. We will travel by bus and the price of this tour is for the transport element and the book.

There will be a screening of the movie at the Oldham Theatre (where our tour ends ) at 8pm; tickets may be purchased here; in addition, there is a free talk, also at the Oldham Theatre, by Ben on the making of the movie the previous Saturday, 21 September, afternoon (1:30-3pm); tickets may be obtained here.

Synopsis of Saint Jack
Banned in Singapore for nearly three decades and celebrating its 40th birthday in 2019, Peter Bogdanovich's adaptation of an early novel by Paul Theroux remains a landmark in the history of Singapore cinema. It charts the rising and collapsing fortunes of Jack Flowers, a sublimely moral American pimp beautifully played by Ben Gazzara, as he negotiates the slippery, changing landscape of Singapore in the 70s, bringing him into contact with a vivid cast of characters including sex workers, gangsters, CIA spies, Vietnam-bound soldiers and depressed expatriates. Entirely shot on location in 1978, the filmmakers set ot to capture their experience of Singapore as authentically as possible. This film is often cited as one of the director's best work by Wes Anderson, Quentin Tarantino and Bogdanovich himself.