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The Piercing Cultural Delights of the Thaipusam Festival - 8 Feb


The Piercing Cultural Delights of the Thaipusam Festival - 8 Feb
Price: from S$60 / ticket

One of the most vibrant, colourful, and memorable temple festivals you will ever witness, Thaipusam is a thanks-giving and penance-seeking religious event for Tamil Hindus. In this amazing form of worship, devotees pierce their bodies with long metal skewers and carry burdens of 40 kg for four kilometres, all the while dancing to rhythmic chants.

Celebrated in only a few countries, Thaipusam in Singapore differs from the festival in India, where Hindus from the state of Tamil Nadu carry heavy milk pots — and not the cumbersome kavadis carried here. The procession is a photographer’s paradise where light, colour and frenzy come together in vivid splendour.

Please note we are offering this tour in two parts (Feb 7th evening and early morning Feb 8th). Please ensure you register for one or both. We encourage you to come to both if at all possible.

Our eve of tour on Feb 7th (approx 6-9pm)
will start with a talk about the history and belief system behind this fascinating festival, and then we'll have a look at the silver chariot procession. We'll end with a light supper.

The early morning tour on Feb 8th (6-9am)
starts with viewing the preparation tent in the temple, and further explanation of the rites and rituals. After which, we shall walk part way with the procession. Our morning ends with a vegetarian breakfast. For the adventurous game enough to try the entire walk of 4 kilometres to Tank Road, you may do so after breakfast. Our guides will be happy to show you the route.

Bring your best camera!