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Freemasonry in Singapore, a morning tour with lunch - 2 Nov


Freemasonry in Singapore, an evening tour with dinner - 2 Nov
Price: S$95 / ticket

There is a colonial building here in the heart of Singapore that few people have entered and there is a society that few people know anything about!

Many people have wondered what takes place in this elegant & distinctive building in Coleman Street; come on this special tour to find out about this fraternal society, the Freemasons.

Freemasonry started out in Britain in the 16th century and notable members of this rather secretive, all-male society have included Mozart, George Washington and Sir Stamford Raffles, the founding father of Singapore.

Freemasonry was first established in Singapore on December 8, 1845. Even with a lengthy history of more than 150 years, people know little about the society. Who are they, who were their members, and how have they contributed to Singapore over the years?

On this tour, you will learn all this plus the history, rituals, costumes and community of the Freemasons. Starting at St Andrew's Cathedral, we'll also visit other sites with a Masonic connection. The highlight of the tour will be to visit the splendid Freemasons Hall building, constructed in 1879 where you will see many of the artfects & regalia used by the masons.

We will end our morning with lunch (consisting of 3 courses plus a glass of wine or beer) at the recently opened Mason's Table restaurant situated within the Freemasons Hall.