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Bukit Brown: Tales of Sook Ching & Qing Ming

Price $70 / ticket

Join us for a pre-Qing Ming walk around the iconic Bukit Brown cemetery, the largest Chinese cemetery outside of China, with Claire Leow, co-founder of "All Things Bukit Brown."

It has been 76 years since the Sook Ching massacre, when some 50,000 Chinese men were murdered by Japanese troops in the early days of their Occupation in 1942. Hear the stories of personal bravery and sacrifice as well as those of communal action taken by the ordinary folk who pulled together in the wake of the shock of the Allied surrender and under the brutal reign of the Japanese.

We will also talk about the preparations for the annual Qing Ming festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day, the traditional Chinese festival when families remember and pay respects to their ancestors by cleaning and sweeping their graves. They offer food to the deceased and burn joss paper while introducing younger members of the family to their ancestors.

This will be a wonderful way to not only explore this lovely area but also to learn about Singapore's history and Chinese culture and traditions. More than a cemetery, this is a heritage park within a lush forest setting.