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Bicentennial Tour: 200 Years of Medicine - 17 Aug


Bicentennial Tour: 200 Years of Medicine in Singapore —Part 1, Tiger Tails & Tiger Balm to Medical Tourism
Price $80 / ticket

Singapore’s multi-faceted history reaches back over 700 years. The arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles on behalf of the British East India Company (EIC) in 1819 marked a turning point that set the island on a new trajectory, and launched it onto the global stage.

Raffles brought with him a detachment of Indian sepoys and it was due to them that the first hospital was built on this island — a military hospital located cheek-by-jowl to the barracks. Thus began the evolution of Singapore's Western-inspired medical services to the high level we see today in contemporary Singapore.

What sort of medical treatments would one have undergone in 19th-century Singapore? More importantly, where could one have gone to obtain such medical aid? And whom would we have met there?

The answers await us at the first stop on our tour, within the compound of the Singapore General Hospital. As we explore the various heritage-listed buildings on the grounds, we'll find out how medical training has changed over the centuries, and hear about key figures who've shaped Singapore's medical sector.

Some of these personalities are accompanied by unexpected stories, and we'll uncover one such during our visit to the old St Andrew's Mission Hospital.

We end our tour at the precinct bounded by Moulmein, Balestier and Thomson Roads. Here, we'll visit beautifully-preserved buildings that witnessed the changes in our healthcare system and we'll relive the drama of Singapore’s 21st-century medical scare!

Highlights of the day:

- 2 National Monuments

- Building fitted with Singapore's oldest lift

- Where a famous Malaysian politician stayed while studying in Singapore

- Quaint bungalow-style medical wards and clinics

- A hospital you wouldn't want to be caught entering !