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Theatre Evening: "This is What Happens to Pretty Girls" - SOLD OUT

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Price: S$80 / ticket

Join us for this thought-provoking evening with award-winning theatre company Pangdemonium. 

EXCLUSIVE for Jane’s Insiders: Tickets include the play plus a glass of wine in a private reception area before the performance with the play's writer, Ken Kwek. 

An undergrad and a lecturer begin a precarious flirtation. Two workmates go on a date that each remembers very differently. A long lost bogeyman returns to draw new blood from old scars.

Eight bodies collide. Eight souls crisscross. Eight lives get entangled in a web of pain, shame and heartbreak. And the world as they each know it will never be the same again.

Millions around the world are being pulled into the #MeToo minefield and the Time’s Up tsunami. This is a redefining period in our history, with numerous victims of sexual assault and harassment finding their voices as survivors and warriors.

Then there are the many, many voices that are never heard, stories never told, secrets never shared, truths never revealed.

Pangdemonium’s world premiere of THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO PRETTY GIRLS is one such story, with many sides, many secrets, and many truths, each one demanding to be told. It's a story of women and men who have not been liberated by the sea change, whose lives perch on the knife edge between damnation and deliverance.

Playwright Ken Kwek (award-winning director of Unlucky Plaza) has conducted over 100 interviews, and drawn from true-life stories of sexual trauma and survival, to create a provocative, poignant and powerful piece of theatre for our times.

Kwek says: “This play is partly a journey of my own reckoning with the #MeToo movement. I see this as being as much a men’s issue – if not more so – as it is a women’s issue.”

In this new dawn of gender equality and empowerment that is galvanizing our society, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO PRETTY GIRLS is an explosive and timely theatrical event that will pull apart preconceptions, confound conspiracy theories, and challenge you to question yourself and the people you think you know. Especially those who believe that “this is what happens to pretty girls.”

You have been warned.