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Bicentennial Tour: 200 Years of Art - Sat 6 April

Price $75 / ticket
200 Years of Art in Singapore, from sketches to sculptures

This Bicentennial Art walking tour will explore the places captured on the canvasses, and in the lenses, of our colonial artists & early photographers, and compare these with the same places today. We'll see the development of modern Singapore through the eyes of our artists and discover the sights, buildings and monuments and the people who have inspired their works from the 19th century to the present day. Highlights include: Fort Canning Park, the National Museum, the Singapore River, the Padang & the National Gallery.

Our artistic foray begins at Fort Canning Park, one of the most historic landmarks in Singapore. The seat of early power both during the pre colonial & colonial eras with its views down to the harbour providing an excellent way to monitor shipping, the Hill has always featured prominently in the artworks of early artists. As we descend, we'll explore through the ASEAN Sculpture Garden, which was created as a symbol of ASEAN unity and cooperation in 1981, with sculptures contributed by each ASEAN member country. 

We'll then move down to the Singapore River where we'll explore the legacy of sketches and watercolour paintings from European civil servants and traders who arrived in the 19th century to the nostalgic art of Nanyang artists, and intriguing abstract and conceptual pieces.
Touted as the lifeline of Singapore, the River has been the muse of many artists with its waters, the people who’ve worked on it, and its surrounding buildings being the subject of awe, inspiration and even controversy among artists. In fact, in the 1970s and 80s there arose a  ‘Great Singapore River debate’ where artists were criticised for overusing the River as a subject matter! 

Finally to the Civic District to explore the way in which artists have captured our national monuments & other important buildings - shophouses, The Arts House, Victoria Theatre, Padang and the National Gallery, home to the world’s largest collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian art.

The tour ends at the National Gallery..