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Tiong Bahru Foodie Tour - Thur 11 April


** Fully Booked **

Tiong Bahru Foodie Tour, Including Sampling!
Price: $80 / ticket

What makes Tiong Bahru unique? So many things! Beyond its architecture, history and urban layout, we believe it's the neighbourhood's appetising and multi-course food heritage that make Tiong Bahru so special!

Join us as we get a taste of life in the area from its beginnings as an SIT housing project, to its heyday as a glamorous "Den of Beauties!" Walk through gardens that supplied "wartime kitchens," and take a bite out of food items that were common during the Japanese Occupation.

Follow the stories of street hawkers who were eventually resettled at the Tiong Bahru Market, and try at least 8 different kinds of heritage food, including some Michelin-listed dishes!

Today, Tiong Bahru is the poster child of the gentrification process, and enjoys a reputation of being a hipster hangout" replete with quaint cafes and modern restaurants. It is therefore fitting to end our tour by looking into how traditional food and heritage businesses are evolving to attract modern palates.

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