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Serangoon North Village & Lunch - Thur 9 May


Price: S$90 / ticket
Off-the-Beaten-Track Cultural & Foodie Adventure: Serangoon North Village including an Amazing Home-Cooked Lunch

Even the origins of its name are shrouded in mystery — was it named for the Ranggong, the Malay name of a bird found around this area, or the noise of the drums and gongs used to scare tigers away....? We shall never know.

What we do know is that this area was once a rubber plantation and it's now a treasure trove of intriguing attractions, including an amazing 100-year-old Hindu temple, an "amalgamated" Chinese temple complex, and a haven for serious pet lovers. It's also an area with a storied history of pottery kilns.

If this cool stuff doesn't fire you up, the lunch at the end sure will. The tour concludes with lunch at a private museum in an HDB flat.

Yes that's right, an HDB flat, and definitely an out-of-the-ordinary one. Its residents will not only cook up a storm for us, but also give us a peek at their private museum-quality collection of incredible Chinese porcelains, tribal art and much more that they will show and explain to us.

We are limiting this tour to 16 people so please book early.