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Experience the Singapore Urban Design Festival on Mini Walking Tours With Us!

As part of the Singapore Urban Design Festival (SUDF), local and international designers were invited to create semi-permanent concepts that transform the Chinatown/Tanjong Pagar neighbourhoods in their own small ways. Our urban design walking tours will bring you through all eight installations dotting the Chinatown/Tanjong Pagar landscape. 

From Francesco Rossini’s “What’s the Potential of 7.6m2” to LopeLab x NUS’ “The Growroom,” you’ll be acquainted with the designers’ goals and intentions, enamoured by their exquisite creations, and inspired by the impact that each installation has on the surrounding people and environment!

As you listen to our guide’s riveting commentary on a personal Vox headset provided for every participant, be drawn into thought-provoking conversations about the creation and use of public space, and gather ideas on how the experience of being and living in a densely-populated city like Singapore can be enhanced. 

Along the way, the guide will also highlight existing lesser-known quirky features of Tanjong Pagar, and will regale tales of the history and heritage of what used to be the densest district in Singapore — Chinatown! And not forgetting you instagrammers out there as well, we’ll show you how you can best snap that insta-worthy shot of PAGAA architect’s “Bubbles”!

As each tour is limited to only 20 participants, be sure to get your tickets now before they run out.... 

Tour Schedule:

  • Sat March 17 Tour, 3-4:20pm
  • Sat March 17 Tour, 4:30-5:50pm
  • Sat March 17 Tour 6-7:20pm
  • Sun March 18 Tour, 2:30-3:50pm
  • Sun March 18 Tour, 4-5:20pm
  • Sun March 18 Tour, 5:30-6:50pm

See you on SUDF’s Urban Design Route for our short (75/80 minutes), but sweet, walking tours!