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See Splendid Sembawang's Naval Black & White houses!

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Price $85

Located at the northern most point of Singapore, Sembawang's name is said to be derived from the tree of that name & in the early twentieth century it was the site of the Nee Soon Rubber estate.

Far removed from this bucolic past, it became home to the British Royal Naval Base in the build up of Singapore's defences before WW2. Construction of the Base began in 1928 and was completed in 1938 & it included dockyards, wharves and workshops, as well as supporting administrative, residential and commercial areas; in effect, almost a self contained town.

After independence, the Naval Base was handed over to the Singapore government, which in 1968 converted it into a commercial dockyard.

But the splendid old Black & White houses built for senior Naval personnel remain, and it is they which draw us up North, along with gems like Beaulieu House, pictured above, which was built around 1910 for a family called David. Sitting right next to one of the country's last natural beaches, it's a perfect place for our refreshments stop.

Come and tread a nostalgic path with Bruce (who served with the Australian Navy at the Base in the late 1960s) as we visit the old Admiral's House, plus at least one of the wonderful Black & Whites in Kings Avenue, with its famous Japanese bridge in its garden - see photo below - as well as Beaulieu House and some other special hidden places where time really does seem to have stood still!

This tour includes return transport from Dempsey Road meeting point.

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