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A Photography "Masterclass" with Award-Winning Photographer Tony Anderton: Session 1

Verlocal Tony Photo 1.jpeg

Session 1 (Nov 17) S$60

Sessions 1 (Nov 17) and 2 (Dec 8) S$100

All you budding Annie Leibovitzes and David Baileys....come and learn more about how to make the most of your photographic opportunities, which are so abundant here in Singapore and the surrounding region. Join us for a "masterclass" with award-winning photographer Tony Anderton.

In the words of Tony himself: "The most rewarding and creative opportunities are right in front of you, things that lie in the everyday, in your personal interests and passions, literally in your backyard. The challenge and the exhilaration of photography is striving to capture the ordinary and the overlooked in a way that brings it to life and makes someone turn and look again. And you do not need state of the art, expensive and often intimidating equipment to make this happen."

So it matters not whether you have a fancy camera or are happy testing out your phone's capabilities!

The class will take place in the beautiful, and exceedingly photogenic, Emerald Hill area. We'll start with an introductory session inside one of its lovely shophouses with Tony, after which you'll be let loose in the surrounding streets to try out the tips he's given you. Then back to base camp to review the results — with a glass of wine in hand — naturally 🍷📷🍷!!