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Law & Order in Singapore


Date & Time

25 Aug 9am - 12.30pm




Difficult though it is to believe from the perspective of super safe Singapore in the 21st century, our little island has seen plenty of tumultuous and sometimes downright hair-raising happenings over the years.

On this tour, you'll hear stories from a former detective who personally had to deal with the issues emanating from gang warfare and race riots. Learn about the failed prison experiment and subsequent riots on Pulau Senang in the 1960s, and more.

Our tour will delve into Singapore's law and order scene from the mid 1800s up through the early era of independence, and visit places associated with those tales. Dig deep into the history of Singapore’s police force, going back to the days when they battled the “Konfrantasi,” secret societies, communism and communalism.

Stops and drive-bys include the former sites of the Criminal Investigation (CID) HQ on Robinson Road, Outram Prison on Eu Tong Sen St, Chinese Protectorate on North Canal Road, Queenstown Police Station, and the Former Hill Street Police Station on, of course, Hill Street. We will finish our "criminal" investigation with a guided tour of the Police Heritage Centre.