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Goodbye My Kampong: A History & Literary Walk with Author Josephine Chia


We are thrilled to be working with Singapore Literary Prize winning author Josephine Chia as she launches her sequel to "Kampong Spirit, Gotong Royong Life in Potong Pasir 1955 to 1965."

The new book is entitled "Goodbye My Kampong, Potong Pasir 1966 to 1975" and so reflects kampong life as experienced by Josephine a decade later.

In the company of Josephine we will explore the kampong referred to in the title of both books, namely Potong Pasir, and thus her Singapore of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. We will hear how community life was lived as reflected in her first kampong book, and how things changed when entire villages were relocated to HDB public housing.

Both the conveniences and the costs brought about by development will be revealed and discussed in this first-hand account of our recent history.