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An Off-the-Beaten-Track Foodie Adventure: Toa Payoh aka the Big Swamp!

What's in a name?! Luckily not too much in the case of Toa Payoh, one of the most popular and interesting of our townships.

Come and explore in the company of our guide Alice, herself a TP resident. Toa Payoh was the country's first satellite town to be designed by the Housing & Development Board when Singapore became a self governing state. In fact, Toa Payoh may well be the quintessential modern Singapore town.

Discover its many historic, and of course gastronomic, delights.

On the history side, we'll visit the famous tree shrine, a banyan tree which is said to be guarded by a spirit and has a small shrine at its foot for devotees to offer prayers. Legend has it that the "god tree" resisted the bulldozers when they tried to ram it down during the development of the area in the mid-1960s.

We'll also take a look at the athletes' accommodation from the Southeast Asian Peninsular (SEAP) games of 1973 and have a peek at the Toa Payoh Library.

After a break at a local coffee shop, where you will learn to order local coffee like a pro and sample snacks like curry puffs and carrot cake, we will visit the HDB showflat gallery to see how over 80% of Singaporeans live. Learn about Queen Elizabeth's visit to one of these back in 1972 — time permitting we'll even follow in her footsteps and go to the actual block she visited.

Another food break will then be in order, so we'll try out the famous Singapore Rojak (a delicious tangy vegetable and fruit salad) at an air-conditioned food court.

Next we'll explore the air-conditioned bus interchange and hop on a bus for a little local sight seeing — the sports complex, the swimming pool, the Hindu temple and light industries and of course the famous dragon playground.

Finally we'll take another short walk around a market and end with a variety of foodie delicacies for lunch at the market's food centre.