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Dive into Singapore's Eurasian Community & An Authentic Eurasian Lunch Too!

Singapore's very own Olympic gold medalist Joseph Schooling is Eurasian. So was Dr Benjamin Sheares, our second president. A wonderful example of the incredible "rojak" mix of some Eurasians would be prominent Singapore lawyer and politician Eddie Barker, whose background included Portuguese, Irish, Japanese, Scottish, Malay and German!

Singapore's Eurasian community may be small, but it claims some very notable figures who have made a big impact and who truly represent Singapore's inherent ethnic and cultural diversity. 

The word Eurasian was originally coined by the British during their rule in India, to refer to people born to a British and an Indian parent. Today, it generally refers to anyone of mixed European and Asian parentage. The Eurasians in Singapore can trace their origins to various trading ports in the region where Europeans have settled, including Malacca, Penang, Bencoolen, Goa, Ceylon and Macau and their European roots are predominantly Portuguese, Dutch or British.

Katong has long been one of the most popular places for Eurasians to settle in Singapore and our tour will start with a walk around the area to explore a number of historically and culturally significant places. Visit the Parkway Hospital where its founder Dr. Paglar practiced, the Church of the Holy Family, quaint side streets lined with old seaside bungalows that once brushed up against Singapore's original shoreline, and St Patrick's School to see its Heritage Room. 

We will finish our walk at the Eurasian Association for a tour of their gallery, followed by lunch at their restaurant, Quentin's, which serves authentic (and delicious!) Eurasian fare.

The cost is $70 per person.