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Bukit Brown Walk — Exploring our Sikh Heritage


Date & Time 17 Nov 9am - 12.30pm

Price $60/pax

Join us for a walk around the iconic Bukit Brown cemetery, the largest Chinese cemetery outside of China, with Claire Leow, co-founder of All Things Bukit Brown. This will be a wonderful way to not only explore this lovely area which is not only a cemetery, but also a heritage park with a lush forest setting.

There we will learn about Singapore's history & both Chinese culture and traditions as well as how they merge with other cultural influences, such as the lovely Peranakan tiles on many of the graves as well as the Sikh tomb guardians.

We will particularly focus on Sikhism in Singapore which has its roots in the military and policing forces of the British Empire, with the earliest Sikh arriving in 1849. Forever associated with protection, they were the chosen guardians of several prominent Chinese people for their Bukit Brown tombs, as shown in the photo above.