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Dive into Historic Katong to Soak Up the Backstory on its Beach Bungalows, Pools, Churches & Cuisine. With an optional Eurasian style Lunch...

Ticket price:

$60 without lunch

$80 with lunch

Follow us to historic Katong near Singapore's East Coast, which has long been one of the most popular places for Eurasians to settle in Singapore. Our tour will start with a walk around the area to explore a number of historically and culturally significant places. 

We'll stroll along the neighbourhood's quaint side streets lined with old seaside bungalows that once brushed up against Singapore's original shoreline; some raised on stilts to stave off flooding and the wild critters that once lurked in great number. Learn about Katong's once-segregated swimming clubs that were built along the beach. We'll also visit the Parkway Hospital where its Eurasian founder Dr. Paglar practiced, the Church of the Holy Family where Eurasian families have worshiped, and St. Patrick's School where many Eurasian children have been educated.

We will visit Katong Park and the historic Goodman Arts Centre for a pottery demo. Plus a delightful artist's studio in the equally delightful Kuo Chuan Avenue (see photo above) to admire art & textiles as well as partake of "mid tour" refreshments.

We will finish our walk at the Eurasian Association for a conversation with some local residents, followed by an optional lunch at their restaurant Quentin's, which serves authentic (and delicious!) Eurasian fare.