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Fort Canning, Cannons, Cannonballs & Buried Kings – a gem of history & nature/ Tuesday Sept 19's Discovery Walk

Discover the magic of historic Fort Canning Hill. Over the last 700 years it has been transformed from the home of the ancient kings of Temasek to one of the seats of the colonial government (Raffles was very fond of it!), to a military base during WWII, to its current incarnation as a public park with beautiful art installations.


Starting at the foot of the hill, we will first explore some of our island's oldest landmarks such as the Armenian Church, Central Fire Station and Masonic Lodge. We will then climb up through the European burial grounds to hear the stories of some of Singapore’s notable 19th century personalities. Following which, we will wander through the lush oasis of Singapore 's first Botanic Gardens with its fascinating fig trees, to be carried away by stories of ancient springs and bathing princesses while visiting the shrine of the Malay Kings.


Our final stop on the Hill will be to learn about the dramatic events which took place in its underground bunker in the days leading up to the Japanese invasion in 1942.


We will finish our tour in the cooling air of the nearby National Museum of Singapore, where we will learn more about the history and architecture of Singapore's oldest museum.