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An AHA adventure in the CBD

When was the last time you spent time in our Central Business District (CBD)? Even if you work there every day, do you know its history & heritage?

The CBD is not just Singapore’s financial hub....join us on a Saturday morning for a discovery walk to reveal and explore its interesting nooks & crannies; we call it the AHA experience - Art, Heritage & Architecture!

There will be no myriad of office workers pounding the walkways at super, frenzied speed nor long lines of vehicles waiting impatiently at traffic junctions.

So you can slow your pace and take your time to uncover the original coastline, seek out the changes that have transformed the skyline of the financial heart, drop by one of the first 8 structures conserved by the URA, visit a 160+ years old place of worship and find out about sustainability.

Along the way, pause also to appreciate the many artworks by renowned local and international artists - food for the soul which softens & brightens the concrete jungle surrounding you....

Discover a different CBD!