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Ramadan in Kampong Glam

The holiest month of the Islamic calendar falls in the month of Ramadan during which time, Muslims fast from dawn to dusk where not even a drop of water is consumed.

During this period, in the evenings, Bussorah Street in Kampong Glam becomes a hub of activity as Muslims gather to buy food home for their loved ones. Stall holders entice passers-by with all kinds of Malay, Indonesian, India, Arabian and Mediterranean food.

Join in the buzz of the festivities with our once-a-year walking tour and:

Learn how pilgrims prepare for the once-in-lifetime Hajj,

Listen to tales of royal palaces, mosques and gardens,

See drapes of lush fabrics and Malay kebayas, glittering gemstones and crystals,

Smell decadent perfumes and frankincense.

Join our Muslim friends to break with them their fast at 7.10 pm with a meal of rice and curries (included in the price of the tour).