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Journey to the West: Jurong & Beyond

Inspired by the legendary 16th century tale of a Buddhist monk's pilgrimage to the “Western Region”, this tour will be an exploration of Singapore’s Western part. Known mainly for its industrial zone and shipyards, Jurong will surprise you with its hills, gardens, national monuments, with its important past but also its a vibrant future.

To honour the roots of the Journey to the West tale, we will start our journey with a visit to Singapore’s most bizarre and unforgettable attraction – Haw Par Villa, formerly known as the Tiger Balm Gardens. A true gem from a lost era, this one-of-its-kind theme park with its over 1000 quirky statues and gruesome depictions of underworld will introduce you to Chinese Mythology & Folklore.

Next we will head to Jurong Hill and The Eye in the Sky, the Jurong Hill Lookout Tower which hosted many foreign dignitaries including royalty, and which offers a panoramic view of the entire industrial zone. On the way there we will visit another heritage gem, Jurong Town Hall, a boldly futuristic building and a symbol of Singapore’s industrial push.

Our pilgrimage will continue at Nanyang University; designed in the Chinese National style, blending both traditional Chinese and modern elements, the former university building is a witness to the history of the Chinese diaspora and education.

Last but not least will be our visit to the Dragon Kiln, one of the last surviving brick-built kilns in Singapore. The firing of this kiln takes place only twice a year and we will be there to witness this now fairly rare occurrence, and to understand and appreciate the disappearing art of wood-firing!


***** Tour Postponed - New date To be advised *****