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Traditional Trades & Crafts tour


Many traditional crafts and trades have disappeared from Singapore and others are very rare these days.

In the past, traditional craftsmen often painstakingly created their works with little else but their hands and some simple materials and tools. These master craftsmen include the likes of various cultural paraphernalia makers, movie billboard painters, traditional costume makers, old school tailors and shoemakers, and craftsmen in many other old trades.

Today, a handful of these “masters”, many tucked away in hidden corners of Singapore, still hold on to their craft or business. Theirs is often a tale of passion and perseverance, pure sweat and hard work. We will travel to various corners of Singapore to meet some of these “masters” at their work - see the results of their labours and listen to their inspiring stories!

We start our day in an idyllic corner in Singapore where birds sing, bird lovers gather, and a birdcage maker resides. Not too far away, we track down the last movie billboard painter in Singapore. See for yourself an amazing collection of paintings by the prolific Mr Ang, which includes fifty Singapore-themed artworks to commemorate SG 50, paintings of lost Singapore scenes, graphic depictions of scenes of purgatory and the ten courts of hell, as well as re-creations of the billboards of the past.

We will meet a couple more master craftsmen with a drinks break squeezed in between, before we end our morning somewhere nearer to the city area, where you can peel off for lunch.