Tour 1: The Invasion

On the first of our 2 World War 2 tours you will learn about the Japanese strategy in SE Asia & beyond. In particular, the tactics which led to their incredibly fast invasion of Malaya and Singapore, and the events leading up to the unexpected capitulation of "Fortress Singapore".

We visit WW2 sites including the Kranji War Memorial, the Landing Beaches & Battlefield Sites on Singapore's North coast, and an amazing little treasure of a museum in Pasir Panjang, which commemorates the heroic last stand by the Malay Regiment in the last battle for Singapore.

The route we will take from Kranji to Pasir Panjang will be that taken by the Japanese troops as they overran the island. We will also pass by a number of other significant places such as the last defence Pillbox and the old Ford Factory, the site of the surrender of the Allies to the Japanese.


Tour 2: The Occupation

The Japanese occupation of Singapore had a major impact on both the psyche and the history of Singapore; things would literally never be the same.

On the second of our WW2 tours, you will learn about the 3 and a half years that Singapore was Syonan-To, and the reality and repercussions of that occupation, including the Sook Ching massacres.

We will visit WW2 sites, including Changi beach, Changi Chapel & Museum and the Air Force Museum at the old Paya Lebar Air Force Base

Hear Jimmy's personal recollections of the impact of the war years on his family, his community and the country as a whole.

This tour will include refreshments in Changi village.