Wanted: Photos of Singapore !

Wanted Photos of Singapore

Send us your best photos of Singapore taken during our tours or during your free time! 

A few basic rules before you send us your photos:

  • You will not get paid for your photos, but we will mention your name plus a link to your site or your e-mail address if you would like.
  • The best submissions get a free tour of their choice, excluding our Black & White Houses Tour, Emerald Hill Tour and Events. 
  • Please provide us with the details of the picture/s such as location or a short description.
  • We publish only quality images. Please send one image file by e-mail (the image must not be bigger than 800x600 pixels and 1 Mb).
  • All photos sent to us can be published anywhere on the Jane's Singapore Tours website & FB page, but they do not belong to Jane's Singapore Tours and are prohibited to copy. Only the owner can give permission to use them.

Please click here to send us your pictures. We are very grateful and thank you in advance! 

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