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#1  Jane Says ... We're More Than Merlions

Jane’s passion for Singapore is palpable when you meet her. Vivacious and playfully irreverent, Jane’s an exceedingly knowledgeable advocate for the city-state she’s known intimately since childhood. She lived in Johore as a youngster and again as a teen — her dad was a radio engineer for the BBC — coming down to Singapore often for films at the Cathay and boat trips to nearby islands from Clifford Pier on Collyer Quay. As an adult, she’s lived in Singapore for close to two decades, spending years as a museum guide and getting to know the little red dot inside and out. For Jane, Singapore feels like home.  

Whether she’s guiding a tour or introducing one of the wonderful arts or theatre events she curates, Jane throws her heart and soul and encyclopaedic command of Singapore into everything she does.

When she started Jane’s SG Tours back in May 2016, above all else she knew her mission was to offer something different.

“We don’t do airport pick-ups and Merlion tours for 75, we offer small-group tours that delve into Singapore’s history and culture,” Jane says. “There’s so much more than first meets the eye, and we want to share that.”

Jane and her team of guides explore Singapore’s side streets, back alleys, secret corners, and natural places. They share the backstory, personal anecdotes and little-known tidbits you’re not likely to hear elsewhere. Jane and the team collectively show that Singapore is multi-layered and dynamic.

In the spirit of helping folks peel the onion and get to the essence of the real Singapore, Jane’s SG Tours offers weekly Tuesday Small Group Walking Tours for visitors and newbies. Designed for just 6 to 10 people, these are an intimate and in-depth exploration of Singapore’s iconic neighbourhoods — Kampong Glam, Little India, the banks of the Singapore River, the Colonial core, and more.

Tuesday Small Group Walking Tours for visitors and newbies are ideal for visiting friends and family. They also provide an excellent overview for those who have recently moved to Singapore and want to dig deeper than the standard ho-hum tours do.

Check out our upcoming Tuesday Small Group Walking Tours for visitors and newbies.