Historic Singapore



Although our recent history dates back just 200 years to the arrival of the East India Company in the person of Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819, a huge amount has happened in Singapore in that relatively short time.

Starting with the setting up of a truly international and cosmopolitan port city, it developed into a real beacon of the British Empire before living through the Japanese invasion and their often brutal 3 and a half years of occupation. 

Post war, Singapore has faced many political & economic challenges particularly in the 50s & 60s with its initial struggle to rebuild, and then to gain its independence, first through a short lived membership of Malaysia and then as a fully independent nation. And its success in transforming from Colony to Nation is self evident.

Come and discover more about the people who came to this tropical island and helped transform it into the power house of a nation that it is today.

PS we also have some pre colonial history.

Please see the following pages for more info on tours about these various aspects of Singapore's History:

  1. Pre colonial

  2. Colonial

  3. Wartime

  4. From Colony to Nation

  5. Today's Singapore