Colonial, Commercial & Civic Singapore Tour


When Sir Stamford Raffles arrived in Singapore on behalf of the British East India company in January 1819, he would have seen little human footprint, with there being only a few hundred inhabitants and most of the island dense jungle. 

Even the area which fast became the centre of commerce, which we now know as Raffles Square, was essentially marshland. As was the equally important area - now known as the Civic District - which went on to house the government and other important civic institutions located on the other side of the Singapore River. 

If only Sir Stamford could come back & witness the extraordinary transformation of both these areas! The former into a buzzing Central Business District, and the latter into an elegant district replete with not only civic institutions, but centres of culture and the arts - the National Gallery, the Asian Civilisations Museum, the Victoria Concert Hall & Theatre & the Arts House.

Our tour will explore the history & transformation of these areas with particular emphasis on the Civic District, although we will also explore the role of the Singapore River and the importance of commerce to Singapore


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